Measuring instruments for tooling machines and metrology

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2-4 axis - Genius 4X

 To perform automatic cycles on a machine tool it can be not necessary to install complex, and
generally expensive CNCs.

Sometime it is possibile to reach a good compromise between efficiency and cost by using Positioners like the “Genius4x”.

By using the function keys it is infact possible to enter very quickly the cycles specifing in the same time the working parameters.
The Positioner has been designed with different mix of (Input & Output) so to cover a very wide range of application.

It is possible to expand the system by using various accessories like RS232 serial port, USB port, optic fibers connection interface.
The very solid body is made of Aluminium and it is completely electric noise free.
The design is elegant and robust and make possible the stand alone installation (Arm included) as well as the installation in a control panel (Flanges included).

Weight: approx 5 Kg;
Power Supply: 220 V or 110 V; 50 Hz or 60 Hz;
Consumption: ~ 20-30 Watt






Dimensions (mm)






Applications of GENIUS

GENIUS can be used on the following Machines:

 fresa alesatrice




Some details about GENIUS

Tastiera con pulsanti PC


Genius 4X can be installed in various configurations, making possible the Positioning of economical Machine Tools as well.


3 Axis Machines with 1 Axis Motor (AC or DC), Clutch and 1 Axis Inverter only (sequential axis movements);
3 Axis Machines with 3 Axis Motors (AC or DC) and 1 Axis Inverter only (sequential axis movements);
3 Axis Machines with 3 Motors (AC or DC), 3 Axis Inverters  (simultaneous  axis movements; Spindle On/Off;  Spindl Clockwise/Anticlockwise). Spindle speed can be controlled by an external potentiometer;


3 Axis Machines with 3 Axis Motors (AC or DC), 3 Axis Inverter 1 Spindle   Inverter (simultaneous axis movements;Spindle Speed; Spindle Clockwise/Anticlockwise);


4 Axis Machines with 4 Motors (AC or DC),  and 1 Axis Inverter (sequential axis movements);


4 Axis Machines with 4 Motors (AC or DC),  and 4 Axis Inverters (simultaneously axis movements);


4 Axis Machines with 4 Motors (AC or DC),  and 4 Axis Inverters (simultaneously axis movements; Spindle On/Off; Spindle Clockwise/Anticlockwise). Spindle speed be controlled by an external potentiometer.


Standard Input/Output on PLC:

Input socket
·    4 input for axis zero searching;
·    4 input for axis limit switches;
·    4 input for connecting servomotors, clutch or inverters;
·    4 input available;


Output socket
·    4 output for controlling inverters;
·    4 output for direction (Up/Down);
·    2 output for Spindle On/Off and direction;
·    6 output available;


Handwheel socket
·    8 input for connecting buttons on the handwheel (included the “death man” safety procedure);
·    2 pin for connecting the Emergency button in the handwheel.



Working Cycles and LCD features:

Here below some examples of the Cycles running on the Genius 4X. Menus are avalaible in various languages (italian, english, german and french).
Other languages on request.


Tastiera con pulsanti PC

zoom »


Operation Modes:

Automatic Mode
Genius 4X can execute:

  • a Program recalled from the internal Memory;
  • a Program entered via Keyboard (Function Keys);
  • an MDI Command for the insertion of Points or for executing movements or commands.

Semiautomatic Mode
Genius 4X runs Programs as in the Automatic mode, but step by step.


Genius 4X can:

  • operates like a DRO (display of position in mm or inches; absolute or incremental);
  • actual X, Y, Z, W Travel speeds (e.g. in mm/min);
  • Flange Center;
  • Center Piece;
  • Angles or Slopes Inclinations;
  • Shrinkage calculation;
  • Axes summation (e.g. Z+W on horizonatl boring mills).

Axis can be activated by using the Jog Key on the Front Panel. The central key is to select rapid mode.


Programming Modes:

Genius4x can be programmed:

from keyboard:

  • inserting points (by using their coordinates);
  • using the “Teach In” function (program is automatically generated while making the piece);
  • using “Fixed Cycles” (e.g. G81) that can be activated during machining (e.g. in the “Teach In” mode or included as Programs’ steps);
  • inserting, modifying or erasing Tools parameters (stored in the Tool Data Base);
  • inserting, modifying or erasing Origins parameters;
  • recalling SubPrograms from the Memory;
  • searching the “Zero Axis” (reference points);
  • M codes;
  • waiting Cycles;
  • G codes (excluding those involving axis interpolation);
  • T (Tools) codes;
  • F (Feeds) codes;
  • flange Drilling (various options) on circular flanges with cartesian or polar coordinates;
  • drilling on arcs (cycles can be executed immediately or included in a program);
  • linear or Grid Drilling (various options) on linear (also inclined) or rectangular grids.
  • pocketing: Rectangular only (not circular).
  • rectangular pockets can include any number of segments parallel to 2 axis (e.g. (x, y)
  • while running is on the third axis (e.g. z);
  • facing Cycle: for quick facing;
  • MDI: Commands to be immediately executed;

from an external PC:

  • transferring program files by using the RS232 serial line (standard);
  • by using the”Genius 4X Interface” optional software.
  • In this case is possible to write the program on the PC (even if the machine is working) and then download it into the Genius 4X (downloading can be done only when Machine is not running).

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