GALILEO series universal digital readouts, SEXTANT or EV series patented digital readouts. All the functions useful for more precise machining.

The digital readouts with backlit LED or LCD display in the MULTI-AXIS series include models with a variety of functions, for every application and for various machine tools. They read and display the measured position without physically interfering with the movement.

The practical advantages of using ELBO multi-axis digital readouts, in conjunction with optical scales and miniaturised magnetic sensors, are summed up as follows:

  • boost productivity
  • improve precision
  • save time
  • reduce machining errors

Use for lathes, milling machines, grinding, electric discharge machining. Variable resolutions of 0.5, 1, 2, 5 or 10 microns, variable size and structure depending on the model. Installation is simple, standard and optional accessories facilitate the installation and use is intuitive.

GALILEO series

ALL IN ONE universal digital readouts for all types of lathe, milling machine, grinding, electric discharge machining.
1-5 micron resolution. X-Y-Z axes

Sextant series

Digital readouts for lathes, milling machines and boring machines. Equipped with a side handle for easier positioning. Robust aluminium alloy construction. Patented.

EV series

Patented series featuring a side handle for easier positioning, an aluminium alloy construction, ideal for milling and boring machines.