We design and manufacture digital readouts and single- or multi-axis positioners, optical scales and incremental magnetic sensors.

Solutions for the precision adjustment and control of linear or angular position on one or more axes. Display systems for industrial applications in sectors such as machine tools, woodworking, marble and plastic industries, for controlling manipulators, conveyor belts, and for sorting and packaging systems.

Multi-axis digital readouts

GALILEO series universal digital readouts, SEXTANT or EV series patented digital readouts. All the functions useful for more precise machining.

Single axis digital readouts

Single-axis digital readouts designed to read and display the position of a single axis. Functions include zeroing, mm and inch conversion, absolute/relative, radius/diameter.


Our single- or multi-axis positioners are designed to physically operate on the movement. They move, position or adjust the devices on which they are installed.


Standard and optional accessories for the installation and use of single- or multi-axis digital readouts and positioners.

Optical scales

ELBO optical scales, versatile linear measuring systems for installation in metrological labs, for machine tools, for motion and position control of actuators.

Incremental magnetic sensors

Compact-sized, position incremental magnetic sensors for non-contact measurement of linear movements. High accuracy magnetic band.