Our single- or multi-axis positioners are designed to physically operate on the movement. They move, position or adjust the devices on which they are installed.

The positioners in this series are versatile and can be programmed for self-learning. The GENIUS model is a multi-axis positioner programmable from a keyboard or external PC. It can be installed in various configurations and enables simultaneous and sequential control of several axes and positions, making it ideal for automating low-cost machine tools, for controlling manipulators, conveyor belts, sorting and packaging systems.


To perform automatic cycles on a machine tool it can be not necessary to install complex, and generally expensive CNCs.

Sometime it is possibile to reach a good compromise between efficiency and cost by using Positioners like the “Genius4x”.

By using the function keys it is infact possible to enter very quickly the cycles specifing in the same time the working parameters. The Positioner has been designed with different mix of (Input & Output) so to cover a very wide range of application.

It has a CAN-bus output to connect to an external PLC in order to expand its input/output (I/O) to 32x32.

The very solid body is made of Aluminium and it is completely electric noise free. The design is elegant and robust and make possible the stand alone installation (Arm included) as well as the installation in a control panel (Flanges included).


VM 1P / VM 1C

Resolution: Variable
Axe: 1

  It has the same dimensional and technical characteristics of the VM1 readout. It is a single-axle, very versatile positioner, which can be programmed also by selflearning in the VM1-C model while the VM1-P model can be programmed by the keyboard.

VM1-C is a special version, a cam simulator. It provides 8 programmable self-learning signals to activate actuators, valves, etc. along an axis.

It has 200 memories. It gives step outputs for driving alternating current motors or a +/- 10 V analogue output for controlling movements. It can carry out positioning by recovering the clearance, it allows the repetition of the step n. times. It can use customizable software for special applications.


  • Customizable confi gurations
  • Metal box for outside model  




Resolution: Variable
Axes: 2

Two-axis positioner suitable for marble cutting machines. It gives step outputs for driving alternating current motors, solenoid valves, etc. It is possible to set the blade thickness, visualizing it on the proper display.

It carries out fi xed step or sequential programmes. It is available in built-in model.