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An advanced positioner? GENIUS 4X

Automating low-cost machine tools? It is not always necessary to install complex and costly Numerical Controls

Many machining operations in mechanical workshops are still carried out on traditional, manually operated machine tools, such as boring machines or grinding machines. ELBO Italy knows how to automate them without having to install complex and costly CNC.

There are programmable instruments designed to handle positioning to dimensions, and they are called POSITIONERS. ELBO Italy offers several truly versatile models.

Then there is the POSITIONER par excellence, which is an excellent alternative to a CNC. This is the GENIUS 4X, the positioner that can be installed in various configurations on machines driven by DC or AC servodrives:

  • 3-axis with 1 axis motor, clutch and axis inverter
  • 3-axis with 3 axis motors and 1 axis inverter (sequential axis movement)
  • 3-axis with 3 axis motors and 3 axis inverter (simultaneous axis movement, ON/Off spindle, clockwise/anticlockwise spindle)
  • 3-axis with 3 axis motors, 3 axis inverter, 1 spindle inverter
  • 4-axis with 4 axis motors, 1 axis inverter (sequential axis movement)
  • 4-axis with 4 axis motors, 4 inverter (simultaneous axis movement)
  • 4-axis with 4 axis motors, 4 axis inverter (simultaneous axis movement, ON/Off spindle, clockwise/anticlockwise spindle). Spindle speed controlled with external potentiometer.

With the GENIUS 4X positioner, designed with a suitable mix of inputs/outputs, it is possible to activate fixed cycles, M-functions (ON-OFF commands, servodrives or program readings), operating parameters (Feed, Spindle), tool functions, feeds, drilling on arc, in-line, etc., for covering a wide range of applications.

Operating modes

Genius 4X can run:

  • Programs retrieved from the internal memory;
  • Programs entered through the keyboard;
  • MDI commands for reaching points, moving axes or running machine commands;

Genius 4X runs programs as in Automatic mode but in a step-by-step way

Genius 4X can: 

  • operate as a normal digital readout (displaying positions in mm or inches, absolute or incremental);
  • display axis speeds (e.g. X, Y, Z, W in mm/min);
  • run "Flange" functions;
  • find the workpiece centre;
  • measure angles or inclinations;
  • activate Scale Factors (Shrinkage);
  • sum Axes (e.g. Z+W on boring machine).

Axes can be moved using the buttons on the keyboard (directional arrows). A central key is used to enter the Rapid Axis.

GENIUS 4X can be programmed from a keyboard or an external PC (transferring programs through an RS232 serial port) or using optional interface software that allows programs to be written even while the machine is running, which are then transferred once the machine stops.
Connectivity can be extended using the USB ports and the fibre optic interface.

An elegant design, a particularly robust construction consisting of a pressure die-cast aluminium body free from electromagnetic interference, lightweight and compact, and an optimal layout for installation either externally, on the articulated arm supplied as standard, or recessed in the machine control panel.

For further information on work cycles, LCD features and programming from a keyboard or external PC, download the document from this link: (PDF ››)