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Incremental optical scales

Optical scales designed for installation on small machine tools or measuring machines even with limited available space.

The Elbo range of optical lines can be fitted on most types of machine tools (horizontal and vertical lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, radial drilling machines, EDM ma-chines, boring machines, etc.) and metrological instruments (profile projectors, hardness gauges, thickness gauges, etc.)

The MX modular version, which allows you to combine 6-metre modules, features applications for large machines (over 20 metres).

The measure is carried out by transparency (up to 3,000 mm) or reflection (over 3,000 mm) depen-ding on the model.

Incremental optical scales

In the optical line models with transparency me-asuring, infrared emitters send out a beam that hits the phototransistors by crossing a collimator and a graduated glass line. Following a shift between the graduation of the glass line and the collimator, the intensity of the infrared beam on the phototransistors varies, creating sinusoidal signals proportionate to the graduation pitch. These signals are then processed and transfor-med into signals for displays or positioners.

In models with lengths over 3,000 mm, reading is done by reflection on a specially-graduated steel line.

General features

•    Compact size to fit any application
•    High performance with strokes up to 20 me-ters (with MX modular model)
•    Resolution from 0.5 micron (with GM model) to 1, 5 or 10 micron, with 1 micron uni- and bi-directional repeatability •    Accuracy from ± 3 to ± 10 micron
•    IP53 protection rating (no penetration of oils, dust, chips)
•    Sliding system on 5 sealed bearings
•    Signal stability even at high speed

Comparative table

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