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Multi-axis positioners: simultaneous or sequential

ELBO Italy multi-axis positioners are systems for handling coordinated movement or positioning in a number of industrial applications. Let's see which ones.

Automating complex processes? Improving position control precision and efficiency in various industrial settings? Multi-axis positioners can be used. Let's see where.

Historically, the most common area of application for our customers has been in machine tools, particularly lower-cost ones, where they are installed to control the simultaneous movement of tools in multiple directions. GENIUS 4X, for example, is the ideal positioner due to its features and its ability to be programmed from a keyboard or external PC. An excellent compromise that can avoid installing complex and costly Numerical Controls.

Some applications have been in industrial robotics, to control the movement of arms, gripping and positioning equipment, or in industrial automation, where they have been installed to control conveyor belts, manipulators and loaders.

Finally, multi-axis positioners have been used in logistics, to help manage the movement and positioning of automated sorting trolleys.

The features of multi-axis positioners allow them to control linear or rotary movements with a high level of precision and repeatability. Synchronised coordination of axis movement for components and devices. Not forgetting that movement paths or a sequence of automated operations can be programmed.

A final note on the use of motors: multi-axis positioners can be driven by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors depending on the application.

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