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The Digital Readouts

Elbo has designed and produced a series of DRO with LED display and backlit LCD for direct visualization of measured values. They have unique operating features, with high accuracy and intuitive use.

They are electronically reliable products with accessories useful for their installation and there are several models with different functions, for every application and for various manual machine tools.

Together with the optic scales and magnetic passive miniaturized sensors, they represent a measurement system with high reliability and accuracy in detecting the position and they are helpful to minimize errors due to wear of the machines.

Practical advantages:

  • increasing productivity
  • improving accuracy
  • saving Time
  • reducing machining errors because the acquisition of shares takes place directly on the axes

The installation is easy on any manual machine tool and the usage is intuitive.



Series for Lathes
With 2 or 4 axes. They increase the production and reduce the percentage of rejects.

Series for milling and boring machines
With 2, 3 or 4 axes. They increase the production and simplify complex processes.

Series for adjustments, electric discharge machining EDM, radial drilling machines, boring machines
With 2, 3 or 4 axes. These models are resistant to the dust, coolants and abrasive liquids. Precise positioning in the linear and rotary measurements, greater accuracy for the operator.

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